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The projected capacitive touch (PCAP) is today’s predominate technology that enliven smart devices like tablets, Notebook, all-in-one PC and commercial application. Its distinct features including bezel-less touch panel, high durability and superb optical transparency have made PCAP touch an ultimate choice for slick designs.
On the projected capacitive touch screen, transparent conductors (Indium Tin Oxide, ITO; Metal Mesh; Nano-wire) are patterned into separated electrodes in two layers arranged as diamond or columns on the substrates. With fingers touch on the screen, the controller drivers a single X-axis channel then scan every Y-axis channels, scanning each individual electrode or electrode intersection and measure the capacitance value at each X-Y intersection to determine the X,Y coordinate.
     • Consumer Electronics
        - Notebook / PC
        - Tablet
        - AIO
     • Medical / Healthcare
     • Gaming
     • Industrial
        - Digital Signage
        - GPS/Fish Finder
        - Kiosk / POS / ATM
     • Transportation
        - Car PC
        - Train system control panel
        - Avionics
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