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A projected capacitive (PCAP) touch sensor consists of multiple glass or film layers printed with conductive material (e.g. ITO; Metal Mesh; Nano-wire), typically in the shape of interlocking diamonds or some specially-designed patterns that work as X and Y channels in two separated electrode layers.
Between the X and Y electrode holds a capacitance charge. As human body is conductive, a finger touch can interrupt the charge field and affects the capacitance at the intersection. These capacitance changes can be detected by a touch controller that is continuously driving the X channels and receiving from the Y channels, and then be converted to coordinates.
Because PCAP sensor's X/Y channels are managed in individual columns and rows, it makes multi-touch possible and calibration-free. The PCAP touch is ideal for bezel-free design. Moreover, with its high quality sensitivity, durability and optical transparency, it is the most trendy touch technology for new generation products. Today, the PCAP touch is designed in literally every application: from a slick cellphone, luxury automotive dash board, public ticketing machine to a medical equipment or a rugged industrial system.
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        - Kiosk / POS / ATM
     • Transportation
        - Car PC
        - Train system control panel
        - Avionics
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