Controller Chip
EXC7200, EXC7900, EXC7920, EXC9720, EXC3000, EXC3062, EXC3104

Driving/Sensing Chip

Driving Chip
EX5418, EX5440

Sensing Chip
EX5960, EX5962

EETI’s projected capacitive touch solution can be provided as a complete touchscreen controller module or IC for chip-on-flex; a complete module consists of one micro processing chip and numbers of slave IC depending on the sensor size. Every MCU is programmed with EETI proprietary firmware, in USB, I2C or UART interface; meeting Windows 7 and 8 Logo with provided system and touch sensors which also meet the requirements. Features:

  1. Multi-touch - Simultaneous true multi-touch.
  2. No shielding layer - No shielding layer needed for all kinds of sensor structures.
  3. Noise elimination - Advanced technology to eliminate wide band and narrow band interference.
  4. Topology - Configurable and scalable to different sizes by adding slave ICs.
Besides controller hardware and firmware, EETI also provides tools for customers, including sensor tester, tuning tool, firmware update tool  and draw test.

All of EETI’s standard touchscreen controller boards are green product, with European RoHS certification 2002/95/EC. HSF.
Note. EETI does not cover charges/fees of any kind of regulation or certification for any customization products.


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