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2018 / 11
Powerful and Advanced PCAP firmware auto-tuning tool

Taipei, TAIWAN ( November 2018 )
EETI released eGalaxTouchManager, a powerful auto firmware tuning tool that simplifies the complicated tuning process from days to 5 minutes.

eGalaxTouchManager automatically analyzes the touch signal and system environment of the touch platform, and then selects the best working frequencies and configuration. Its intuitive user interface and simplified process allow customer to generate the firmware just right for the touch system in five minutes.

eGalaxTouchManager is simple but powerful.

It helps to align the touchscreen with display and performs auto hardware calibration. It also supports self-diagnostics, analyzes results and attempts to resolve any anomaly and abnormal touch operation. Customer can enjoy multiple monitors, personalized audio feedback of touch, and customized DrawTest window.

To enhance and customize even further, customer can enable water rejection, palm rejection and active pen features, and dynamically adjust sensitivity level. To see how it works.

Video click here

eGalaxTouchManager supports EETI’s EXC80H family projected capacitive touch controller IC. For more product information, please contact us.

About EETI
eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc ( EETI ) is a listed company at Taipei Exchange Market ( Taiwan 3556 ) and specialized in touchscreen controller solutions. Since founded in 2000, the company has grown to over 170 employees with annual sales revenue exceeding 40 million USD.
EETI touchscreen solutions include, projected capacitive, surface capacitive, resistive and surface acoustic wave, four major touch technologies.

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