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The Infrared SUN series touch panel is one complete unit package integrated with the SUN sensing panel and the controller. By employing steel frame and tempered glass, the SUN is low-maintenance and able to withstand harsh environments or rugged applications. The SUN is calibration-free and driver-free when it goes with USB Human Interface Device (HID) built-in driver in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP tablet PC operation systems. In addition, touch can be easily activated by gloved hand or virtually any finger-sized object. The SUN is ideally for general users in everyday usage.

     1. No calibration required.
     2. Wide panel size selection ( 15” ~ 65” ).
     3. Excellent optical readability.
     4. Ease of use , zero touch pressure required.
     5. Ease of installation.
     6. Vandal resistant bezel.
     7. Work under Sunlight .
     8. Long operating life.
     9. Power supplied from USB directly, no external power needed.
   10. Resistant to moisture and other surface contaminants.
   Power Consumption
   (>19” )
  DC +5V (max. 110mA, typical 97mA)
   Power Consumption
   (32”-65” )
  DC +5V (max. 230mA, typical 210mA)
   Operating Temperature   -40˚C to 80˚C
   Storage Temperature   -40˚C to 80˚C
   Relative Humidity   90% at 40˚C, RH Non-condensing
   Interface   USB : Full Speed (12Mbps)
  RS232 : 9600 bps, None parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit ( N81 )
   Resolution   2048 x 2048
   Atteched Cable   RS232 : 6' shielded cable with 9 pin D-sub connector
  USB : 6' shielded cable with A type connector for USB Y converter cable
   Regulatory Approvals   FCC-B, CE
   EMI   Unaffected by environmental EMI
       Detailed Diagram
          > ETP-TS-SUN15000
          > ETP-TS-SUN17000
          > ETP-TS-SUN19000
          > ETP-TS-SUN42000

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