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-EETI Company Profile
Basic Information EETI 3556
Company Name
eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc.
Market TPEx Listed Company
Industry Semiconductor
Symbol EETI
Code 3556
Date of Listing 2008/04/15
Place of Incorporation of Foreign Companies -
Chairman Tang, Jing - Rong
General Manager Tang, Jing - Rong
Spokesman Nick Ku
Title of Spokesman Manager
Investor Relations Contact Person Nick Ku
Title of IR Contact Person Manager
Telephone of IR Contact Person (02)8751-5191#501
Email Address of IR Contact Person public@eeti.com
Fiscal Year_end DEC 31
Accounting Firm KPMG
CPA (Chartered Public Accountant)1 YU, CHI LUNG
CPA (Chartered Public Accountant)2 HSU, MING FANG
Address 11F., No.302, Rueiguang Rd., Neihu District,
Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone (02)8751-5191
Fax (02)2797-8808
Email Address public@eeti.com
Web Address www.eeti.com.tw
Detailed Process of Capital Formation
Par value per share
10 Date of company license amendment 2019/7
Authorized capital (number of shares) 100,000,000 Authorized capital (NTD) 1,000,000,000
Paid-in capital (number of shares) 59,468,675 Paid-in capital (NTD) 594,686,750
Source of
1. Initial capital 594,686,750 2. Capital increase through cash paid-in 0
3. Capitalization of 
     additional paid-in capital
0 4. Capitalization of earnings 0
5. Other      
Share payment offsets by property other than cash