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SoC Series for Industrial

EXC3160 is a MCU based projected capacitive touch screen controller designed for commercial, industrial, and automotive application. EXC3160 controller supports high voltage driving signal to achieve high Signal-Noise-Ratio and better wideband interference susceptibility. EXC3160 provides different working frequencies to avoid narrow band interference. With high voltage driving and different working frequencies, EXC3160 provides an excellent interference susceptibility performance. With eGalaxTouch software package, EXC3160 supports different touch sensor structures - OGS, SITO, DITO, G/F, G/F/F and G/G structure. With high SNR, EXC3160 provides an excellent solution for not only finger operation but also with gloves, thicker glass, etc application.

    1. Mutual capacitive working
    2. Excellent noise immunity and 10 point touch
    3. Support active stylus pen
    4. Support palm rejection
    5. Support thick-glass touch
    6. Support glove touch
    7. Support water resistance
    8. Windows 8 logo verification
    9. Compliant with IEC61000-4-X class A, EMS CS 3Vrms & RS 10V/m
  Controller Chip

   Operating Power    3.0V to 3.6V
   Operating Temperature    -40°C to 85°C
   Storage Temperature    -40°C to 125°C
   Interface    UART
   I2C : 400 KHz
   USB : 2.0 compliant full speed with LPM L1 supported
   Numbers of Channel    Up to 60 RX channels
   Up to 38 TX channels
   Package    VFBGA 6mm X 12mm X 0.8mm
   Ball Pitch: 0.5mm
   Ball Count: 220
   Green Product    RoHS

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